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Packaging Ink
Bauhinia packaging ink product series cover gravure ink, flexographic ink, offset printing ink, silk screen ink and UV ink, which can meet the printing requirements of packaging carriers of different materials. Bauhinia Variegata is the first in the industry to adopt a fully automatic feeding system and closed pipeline production to ensure stable product quality and quality safety, and meet the environmental requirements of packaging at home and abroad.
Gravure inks are widely recognized printing inks for gravure printing in China. The product series cover all kinds of consumer goods gravure printing applications.
Flexographic inks are widely used in the printing of various packaging and decoration products, and are suitable for printing plastic films and other packaging materials on flexographic printing machines.
Offset printing inks are widely used in the printing of various periodicals, magazines, and packaging and decoration products. They have the characteristics of good saturation, bright colors, high gloss of printed products, good ink resistance, clear dots, non-sticky printing, and good friction resistance.
All series of silk screen printing inks are subject to organic tin control and comply with more than ten international environmental protection requirements such as RoHS, EN-71, ASTM, HR4040, and REACH. Some products have achieved halogen-free control according to user requirements, many series of products strictly follow the control of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs, and some products meet environmental protection requirements such as Lego, Mattel, Hasbro, and McDonald's.
UV ink has good transfer performance, high tinting strength, fast drying speed after printing, no skinning on the machine, good printability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics.
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