20 Years of Bauhinia, setting sail for the future

It is our mission to provide unique products, bringing colour to your life.


The core of our culture contains 5 elements: Vision, Mission, Development Direction, Values, and Enterprise Spirit. Everyone in Bauhinia fights for the same vision. Our mission is to be a responsible leading ink manufacturer in China. Our Development Direction guides our operation and management. Our Values are the standards and beliefs to which everyone in Bauhinia must always adhere to. Our Enterprise Spirit is the spirit of Bauhinia. 

Bauhinia's Corporate Culture

  • Vision

    Bringing Colour to life

    The objective of ink is to bring colour to people and the world while enhancing the uniqueness of brands and exchanging useful ideas and knowledge among people. As an ink manufacturer, our mission is to ensure the objectives of ink can be achieved in the best way by making use of our advanced technology.
  • Mission

    Looking forward, we're committed to eco-friendly product development, benefiting the future generations

    Since our inception, Bauhinia has continuously invested many resources in the development of benzene- and ketone-free ink, which not only promotes environmental protection in the national industry, but also improves food safety for Chinese families. Our products have also been promoted to Asia by peers, and become world-famous benzene- and ketone-free ink products, so that people in other countries can also be benefited.
  • Development Direction

    Continuous improvement of product quality, becoming the preferred ink manufacturer for China's printing and packaging industry

    Over the past decade, Bauhinia has always been the number one ink manufacturer in China in terms of sales. Apart from being the largest, we always strive to be the best. Being competitive is essential for survival, and every Bauhinian should work towards the same common goal. No matter how small the improvement, we must work harder every day.  
  • Enterprise Spirit

    Bauhinia's enterprising spirit has precipitated over the past 20 years, and will be carried forward into the future

    Pragmatic: down to earth, attention to practice
    Expertise: proficiency for the job, competentcy for the post
    Collaberation: openness, tolerance and respect for differences
    Dedication: love and active contribution
  • Value

    Honesty is our core value, our company's root

    On this basis, in order to lead our employees and the enterprise to grow together, we have created a "tide of work" corporate culture, namely teamwork, integrity, determination and excellence. By promoting this corporate culture, we are determined to build an efficient team with mutual trust, honesty, active responsibility and pursuit of excellence.



    Empathy and mutual help in difficult times



    Frank honesty



    Daring to undertake and overcome challenges



    Diligent guidance, daring to demand

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