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Policies and Guidelines

As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Bauhinia Variegata Ink always puts the safety, health, environmental protection and long-term development of relevant stakeholders first, and promises to always adhere to sustainable development in all business activities. We hope to create a vibrant future together with society and the environment, and to contribute to the quality of life of each family and the beautiful global environment.

We have set a clear and forward-looking vision. The seven driving elements are linked together, laying a solid foundation for us to move towards sustainable development. Under the guidance of the sustainable development strategy framework, we have established complete rules and regulations and measures in all areas, and through a sound management structure, we have effectively implemented the policies smoothly. We regularly review sustainable development affairs and implement policies to ensure that relevant strategies are implemented in daily decision-making and operations.

Policies and Guidelines on Sustainable Development

  • Codes of ethics and conducts
  • Risk management and internal control policy
  • Product quality and safety risk management policy
  • Community investment, sponsorship and donation policy
  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Health and Safety First

Bauhinia has established the goals of health, safety and environmental protection: Reduce waste, eliminate incidents and maintain and occupationally healthy workplace. We always prioritize health, safety and environmental protection in our development, as well as corporate culture.

The management of the company has given strong support to health, safety and environmental protection, and has established a special safety and environmental protection department, established a corresponding operation and management mechanism, and established various norms of work behavior for employees. New employees in the factory must take safety education system courses first, and employees must pass safety assessments before they can start working.

We are determined to safeguard employees’ health and safety, and promote the health, safety, and environmental protection concepts to our every employee who could put into practice at work or in daily lives.

We always stick to the goals of health, safety and environmental protection:

? Reduce waste
? Eliminate incidents 
? Maintain and occupationally healthy workplace

Technological innovation

We pay attention to technological innovation and process optimization, therefore, we have filed a number of invention patents and new application method patents, and have built an automated production line suitable for ink production suitable for our gravure ink production. At the same time, we continuously improve our product performance and develop new processes and technologies, and specifically develop technologies and related processes for low-VOC water-based inks and environmentally-friendly ink products.

With the help of the government's "13-5 Plan", we have established an environmentally-friendly ink formulation laboratory to further improve Bauhinia's innovation level and ability. In particular, we have sought breakthroughs in environmentally-friendly products such as water-based and UV inks, and remain committed to energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, safety, and sustainable development of the ink industry.


  • "Taken from society and used for society" and our "community investment, sponsorship and donation policy" provides guidelines to screen community investment projects. We encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities and care about society. 
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we had donated 100 tons of alcohol pandemic products to the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and a batch of emergency supplies to the Banfu Township, Zhongshan City government.
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