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Bauhinia Variegata focuses on the green and environmental protection of ink production, and is the first to fully implement benzene-free clean production in the industry. It adopts an ERP automatic control system to realize an integrated operation mode. Gravure inks are widely used in the field of ink consumables in the food and beverage packaging industry across the country. As early as 2013, sales exceeded 70,000 tons. The "Environmental Star" series of water-based gravure general-purpose composite inks are the first to be developed in the industry and have been widely recognized. . The Offset Printing ink has obtained the Chinese environmental label and the US soybean oil ink authority certification, and has been designated as a special ink for product packaging by many international top toy manufacturers. The Silk Screen Printing ink takes environmental protection innovation as the development direction. The products have low VOCs emissions, low benzene series, low heavy metal content, safety and health, and meet more than ten international environmental protection requirements such as RoHS, EN-71, ASTM, HR4040, REACH. Both of Bauhinia's two major laboratories have been assessed as accredited laboratories by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and their strong testing capabilities escort the company's product quality.
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