People-oriented growth

We are committed to the growth and development of employees to jointly create social value

Talent Recruitment

Talent is the most precious wealth of Bauhinia Variegata Ink. We have always taken employee development seriously, not only paying attention to their own needs, but also designing a path to suit their own career development, so that employees can get more focused development. Recently, we launched an online learning platform, making it convenient for employees to log on the platform anytime and anywhere for customized courses. In addition, we also provide employees with external training subsidies, and regularly arrange internal training and outdoor development training, strengthening the team spirit of employees and communication between colleagues.

  • Working Environment

    We have always adhered to the goals of health, safety and environmental protection: "Reduce waste, eliminate incidents and maintain and occupationally healthy workplace. We always prioritize health, safety and environmental protection in our development, as well as corporate culture." We place the concept of health,safety and environmental (HSE) protection at the top of corporate development and running throughout our corporate culture. Our management has strongly supported SHE protection, and has established a dedicated SHE protection department, corresponding operation management mechanisms, and employee work norms. We are determined to safeguard employees’ health and safety, and promote the health, safety, and environmental protection concepts to our every employee who could put into practice at work or in daily lives.
  • Generous new rewards and benefits

    We has a complete and competitive salary system, and continues to attract and retain outstanding talent. At the same time, we also provide employees with comprehensive and attractive overall benefits, including insurance, health checks, allowances, long-term service awards, and activities, so that employees can better balance work and life and are willing to create value for the company.
Employee Activity As a link to connect employees, the company and society, the variety of our activities represents our corporate culture
  • Volunteering

    We organize many volunteer activities. Employees participate in philanthropy activities in various ways in their spare time to fulfil social responsibility and deliver positive energy.
  • Sports Meetings

    Caring for the health of employees, encouraging employees to strive for the best and fully expand their potential, and increasing the sense of teamwork
  • Spring Outings

    We organize spring outing activities to let employees participate with their family members. Employees and families can relax and enjoy the scenery, while also enhancing their relationship, passing on love and responsibilities.
  • Annual Meetings

    All employees of Bauhinia Variegata Ink gather to exert their abilities and passion for the annual meeting, which enhances morale between colleagues, and also inspires employees to make persistent efforts in the new year.

Voice of employees

  • Ms. Jiamin (Staff)

    When I joined the Bauhinia family in 2020, I found that the company's leaders and colleagues are very friendly and willing to help me grow. I am proud to be a member of  Bauhinia !
  • Mr.Xiong (Manager)

    It has been nearly 20 years since I joined Bauhinia in 2003. I have gone from being a beginner in the workplace to becoming a well experienced professional. I am grateful for working in Bauhinia!
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